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2013年12月大学英语四级听力短对话原文完整版 以下发布的作品,版权归属发布者CEC资源站共同所有。
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Question 1

M: After high school, I’d like to go to college and major in business administration。

W: But I’d rather spend my college days finding out how children learn。

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

Question 2

W: Is everything ready for the conference?

M: The only thing left to do is set up the microphones and speakers. They'll be here in a few minutes。

Q: What preparations have yet to be made?

Question 3

W: Is it almost time to go home now? I'm so tired. I can hardly see straight。

M: Just a few more minutes, then we can go。

Q: What is the woman’s problem?

Question 4

W: I'm not sure what I’m in a mood for. Ice-cream or sandwiches? They are both really good here。

M: The movie starts in an hour. And we still have to get there and park. So just make a decision。

Q: What does the man mean?

Question 5

W: Tom said he would come to repair our solar heater when he has time。

M: He often says he is willing to help, but he never seems to have time。

Q: What does the man imply about Tom?

Question 6

W: So you know that Sam turns down the job offered by the travel agency。

M: Yes. The hours were convenient. But if he had accepted it, he wouldn’t be able to make ends meet。

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

Question 7

M: Could you tell me a bit about the business your company is doing?

W: We mainly deal with large volume buyers from western countries and our products have been well received。

Q: What business is the woman’s company doing?

Question 8

W: Yesterday I made reservations for my trip to Miami next month。

M: You must really be looking forward to it. You haven’t had any time off for at least two years。

Q: What is the woman going to do?

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