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M: Excuse me, I need some information about some of the towns near here.

W: What would you like to know?

M: Well, first, I'd like directions to go to Norwalk. I believe there is an interesting museum there. It isn't far, is it?

W: No, not at all. Norwalk is about eighteen miles east of here on Route 7. And you're right. It's a wonderful little museum.

M: Oh good. Now what about Amitsville? I have some friends. I'd like to visit there and I also want to get to Newton. They are near each other, aren't they?

W: Hmm... well, they are actually in opposite directions. Amitsville is northeast. It's about thirty five miles northeast of here.

M: Huh-uh, thirty five miles northeast. And how about Newton?

W: Well, Newton is in the other direction. It's southwest, so it isn't really very close to Amitsville at all and it's a long drive. It's about fifty five miles southwest from here and the road is not at all straight.

M: Fifty five miles southwest! Well, maybe I won't go there this time.

W: I'd recommend visiting Westfield or Great Town. They are both very close. Westfield is just seven miles west of here and Great Town is about five miles south. They are really pretty little towns with lots of old houses and beautiful tree-lined streets.

M: I see. Seven miles west to Westfield and five miles south to Great Town. Good. Well, I think that's all the information I need for a while. Thank you. You've been very helpful.

W: You're welcome, sir. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Q9: What does the man know about Norwalk?

Q10: What does the woman say about Amitsville and Newton?

Q11: What do we learn about Westfield and Great Town?

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